Server Virtualization

June 4, 2008

Looking to consolidate multiple servers into an easy to manage, cost effective solution?  Consider server virtualization.

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Network Attached Storage Solutions

June 4, 2008

Networks 2000 specializes in setting up California based companies with secure, network attached storage solutions that offer, scalability and portability of data.

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Benefits of Server Virtualization

March 25, 2008

First, lets define server virtualization.  Server virtualization is a software platform technique that is implemented into your current network structure whereby a single server or storage device can be made to function as if it is actually several servers or storage devices.  The reverse is also possible in which several servers or storage devices can be made to function as a single logical resource, which offers easier management and backup opportunities.

When looking to consolidate several servers, an IT department can use products such as VMWare, Windows Virtual Server and other common virtualization platforms.  What are the benefits?  How about decreasing the time your IT department spends on server management or better yet, lowering overall IT management costs.

Server virtualization offers several distinct advantages for your company:

  1. Optimization of multiple existing servers into one, easy to manage server.
  2. Increased server stability and efficiency of IT resources and decrease of up to 80% in operating costs.
  3. Consolidation of current IT networks.
  4. Virtual access to applications from anywhere at anytime.
  5. Improved data security by isolating the host machine from other virtual machines thereby eliminating downtime if you experience hardware or software failure.

There are numerous other benefits of server virtualization such as application seclusion (keeping one application from impacting another), ability to run multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform and energy saving costs that come from eliminating multiple servers and thereby lowering overall power consumption.

If you are looking to cleanup your IT department, ensure data stability and decrease overall operating costs, consider the benefits of server virtualization.

Networks 2000 offers Vmware server virtualization software for your business. Start saving today by consolidating your current IT network servers. Even if you don’t have existing IT servers; Networks 2000 can assess your personalized business needs, develop a Vmware server consolidation support plan and effectively implement that plan.

Angry Employee Deletes Files from Florida Firm

January 31, 2008

Fox News recently posted an article about a Florida architectural firm lost 7 years worth of drawings estimated to have a value of around $2.5 million dollars. The loss of these files was caused by an angry employee deleting files from the company’s computer.

The architectural firm was able to recover all files after going through a lengthy and costly process with a data recover service. But, this could have all been avoided with a properly set up network attached storage solution or a storage area network with backups stored off site.  Both solutions also provide security for sensitive files while allowing easy file sharing amongst employees.

For information on setting up a Network Attached Storage solution or a Storage Area Network, contact us at: (800) 574-4246

Network Security Disaster Prevention Solutions

October 29, 2007

San Diego, CA October 29, 2007 — As mind-numbing as the scale of fire’s destruction, the long-term additional costs to the businesses in the area will be greater still. Many in the fire’s path will never recover. This tragedy points to the need for further preparation to protect business data.

Studies have found the odds of a business surviving an IT data loss are poor. Forty percent of small businesses never reopen following a major disaster according to the American Red Cross. Of those that reopen, 70% fail within five years. And many more operations suffer significantly even if they don’t close.

Preparation for a Disaster Could Save the Enterprise as well as its Data
Developing a disaster and data recovery plan should be treated as a front burner issue. “No matter what its size, every business needs a reliable network strategy to protect its files, its clients, and the integrity of the business itself,” according to Brett Corbin, President, Networks 2000.

“We know this fire is going to hurt many local businesses, and we’ve been working with our clients all along to assure their data wouldn’t be vulnerable.” Corbin cites recent technologies, like VMware, that can have a wiped-out network back up and running in as little as an hour.

Networks 2000 provides IT network solutions including hardware, software, and customized services. It serves the San Diego and Orange County areas 858-490-1441.

An IT Disaster Recovery Plan is a Necessity, Not an Option
Preparing for dangers is as important as planning for an enterprise’s growth. An effective plan assesses a company’s specific vulnerabilities, along with the easiest or most inexpensive ways to address them. One hopes disasters won’t happen, but the plan is still likely to be used at some point. A fire or natural disaster is only one type of risk (3% of data losses). Other risks are even greater: theft (6%), computer virus (6%), hard drive failure (22%), other hardware failure (19%), human error (22%), and software malfunction (22%).

A business shouldn’t put disaster preparation off to a convenient time. Disasters and their aftermaths are never convenient. Those not directly in the fire danger zone should treat the recent fire losses as a wakeup call for their long term survival. For a technology and disaster recovery audit in the San Diego or Orange County areas, visit or call 858-490-1441.